Indonesia consists of 18.108 islands and has got more than 200 million citizens. It's roughly situated between Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. It's got a hot and humid climate throughout the year.
Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries I have visited. The scenery and wildlife is just breathtaking, volcanos, jungles, clear waters and tons of other things to mention. What makes it even more diverse is the mix of different religious groups and the dedication to its original culture. Even though most of the Indonesians are Muslims nowadays, it has not always been like that. The majority of people was Hindu once and ruled by the Dutch for a few hundred years. The interesting part is that even though there is an immense diversity of cultures and ethnic groups, you can still find that 'authentic' Indonesian culture floating above.
Indonesia is huge; travel is not that easy and will consume a lot of time. However you will be rewarded greatly for it. Once you get tired of one island, you just go to another and will find a world of differences.
The first page is about Bali. The following pages are from South to North Sulawesi.

Bali Bali
The Westernized Hindu island of Indonesia. There is more than partying in Kuta and Sanur..
South Sulawesi - Bira
The most southern tip of West Sulawesi. Very quiet..
South Sulawesi - Makassar (Ujung Pandang)
A modern and fairly big city in South Sulawesi.
Toraja South Sulawesi - Makassar & Tana Toraja
The Toraja people devote a great deal of their lives to the death. They have fascinating burial rituals and ceremonies.
Tentena Central Sulawesi - around Tentena
Near Tentena you can find some beautiful scenery.
Poso to Pagimana Central Sulawesi - Poso, Ampana & Pagimana
Another beautiful area, but still unstable (mid 2003) after the 2000 massacres. The abundance of military force and the tension are noticable.
Togian Central Sulawesi - Togian Islands
The laidback islands from the bounty commercials. Although not easy to get to, a must do, if you have the time and can bare the hassle of getting there.
Tomohon North Sulawesi - Tomohon
Near the "big" city of North-Sulawesi lies Tomohon, In the shade of volcano 'Lokon'. Try the Minahasa kitchen, visit some of the interesting markets and explore the thermal activity.
Manado North Sulawesi - Manado
Probably one of the dirtiest cities on this planet, but it's definitely got some character. Conveniently situated for exploring North Sulawesi.
Bunaken North Sulawesi - Bunaken
Absolutely superb diving and relaxing on Bunaken and surrounding islands.
Tangkoko North Sulawesi - Tangkoko
One of the National Parks around volcano Tangkoko. You can find e.g. the Tarsius primate, many tropical birds, monkeys and pristine beaches.

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